We stand with Paris | The Indian Outcry | Dastan



Mother why dont u answer back
I was right here
Cheering for my favourite band
Dont stay quiet
Say something
Daddy where u at
I am right here pleading
Daddy no kidding
I think
My momma bleeding
Someone stop
Someone please help my mother
Dont worry
Ill go and fetch some water
Say something
Tell me why is everyone running
Why are the cops
Out here
In between the game
Those gunshots werent real
Wake up
Tell me they were fake
Wheres daddy
Where are you
Hell be here soon
Dont u worry
I know he wont ever turn me down
Right ?
Right ?
Mom speak
Say youre there

I realised i am breathing again
After quite a while
I had lost the trail
All i saw is yellow flashing lights
And around me 20 innocent people
There were 4 guys with guns
And bombs around their waist
They were tlkin in a language
I wasnt able to comprehend
It was raining bullet shells that day
And the city was drenched in blood
Many had lost their loved ones
And they were crying out
The names of their family
Sacrificed in this bloodbath
Few of us had already given up with the hopes of living anymore
I was one of them
Some were scratching themselves
Pulling their hair
Tears rushing down their face
Taking names
More than fear
Couple of them had anger in their eyes
They wanted to avenge their people
We were hostages
We were united
But diversified through emotions
Just like this world does
It diversifies humanity
Through mediums of religion
Language and customs

And i wont lie
For these verses
Wasnt feeling so connected
But somehow i was affected
Everyone around me
Was aquainted
Well well enough
Mother called
Ur sister gave a birth to a baby love
And thts when i freezed
Was happy for a moment
Then the moment seized
All that resonated
Was a kid
Crying out for help
Whose mother has been shot dead
And his daddy is missing
The kid is in ruins
I am millions miles away
But now i feel him
I am million miles away
But now i am with him
And if you with us
Show me promise
And do take a oath
United we do stand
When the crisis comes
The ones whom we lost
Still remain so close
And its our duty to protect
The ones whom with we living on

We stand with Paris


Mental Stress : A shame to Society

Very precise and bounds one to keep on reading.

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A 33 year old woman commits suicide.

Three 15 year old students commit suicide.

A young entrepreneur hangs himself.

And so on..

Everyday I open the newspaper and there are at least 2 such news. It’s horrible. It’s painful.
My heart aches after reading the cause which made them commit suicide.

India is the Leading country when it comes to statistics of commiting suicide. 17% Indians commit suicide every year worldwide.

Just imagine you are chilling out somewhere with your friends or family and a message pops up “XYZ person is no more.” Your mood is totally changed.
Maybe he was some one very very close to your heart.

But hey??

Hold On !!

Ask Yourself that did you ever try to console that person or have you ever said to him – ” I am there by your side and I’m ready to help you. You won’t ever surrender…

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Marks don’t define Success .. !!

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What is success ? 
The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. 
Are ‘marks’ considered to be one’s aim ? Or a person says my purpose in life is to score good marks.

None of it is true to the definition of success. 
Then why are ‘marks’ over hyped?

Many of us are responsible for it. If we won’t have good marks, we won’t get admission into a good school/college/institution. If we won’t perform in college/school/institution, we won’t get an increment. No company would provide us with a job. Jobs are limited and volunteers are unlimited. Parents push their children to study harder and get good grades. 
Good grades ? 
We study like almost for 14-15 years in school and study about 15 subjects in these years. And despite of the fact that we have studied for like so many years, we won’t be judged on our knowledge rather we’ll be…

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Every relationship experiences various tests and obstacles. But its upon both the people to balance the situation and pass every test by holding each other’s hand.. Does every person understa…

Source: HERO #3


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What does any student pursuing engineering has in his mind while having the admission letter in his hand? Or in what world is he in while seeing the college building from just a mile away?
Any Engineering student first fights with more than 7-8 lac people to get admission into one of the prestigious colleges of the nation or his state. After getting into any of these, he is just dreaming of his 4 Years in that particular college. He decides to pour out every single bit of his be it his passion for extra co-curricular activities, sports or technical stuff.

All he has in his mind is to achieve success. Being successful is a dream which every student has (even non-engineering students). But its Engineering. Its something very meaningful and high-state for every person in INDIA. Every family or parent is proud to announce the admission of his child…

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Avicii – Broken Arrows ft Dastan

She be my angel
But how could i promise this
Train her with love
She just wanna
Make it big
Little girl
Never faced the struggles still
Sweating out
And crying is her daily routine
She falls worse and worse
But rises everytime
Like a beast in woods
Who seeks for food
Getting better is her diet
Workout is her drug
I am the dastan
Of this satire

Blessed us everyday
With our scars
Sunday morning
I had to fly for my pride
Failed bad
But whom did i let down
Daughter crying
Lying in the backyard
So i do this real quick
She loves
To jump and fly
So i put up the mattress
Just like a fire
She blazes
But she does fall
No giving up
She is here to burn it all
And i look at her standing still
This little girl
Made her dad to
Stand on his feet again
I learn from her everyday
Just like her grandmaa
She scolds me the same way
Now i train harder
Bruises make me feel like i am younger
Could feel this Blood rushing down my veins
Guess who made it to the headlines bitch

Adele When We Were Young | Tamasha Agar Tum Saath Ho | Mashup | Dastan


And I ain’t thinking about the same love
Same thoughts
U know We’ve been through alot
And i aint moaning for nobody
But the next morning
U left
With a text on that desk
U leaving all the memories
And love that u had
She found another scent
On the shirt that i wear
I was found guilty
In the court that she swears
She be
The judge
The victim
The advocate
And i am standing right there
With my lips stictched
They be like
Where is ur defence
U know when
There is this woman of your life
U dont stand a chance
Its been months we aprt
Due to few reasons
She put a dp lately
Ppl change just like the seasons
With what options am i left with
I just sit everyday
All i can do
Think and make up stories
This must be the reason
Of her worries
Could make
Another song just like this track
But Underneath
I know
She ain’t coming back


Mai Tanha tanha Baike
Teri gallan kara
Phone Nu vaari vaari
Tak da Udeek Karan
Teri callan da
Mai baike
Intezaar kar
Kaarobaar de layi baitha
Lokan di sunvayia chad
Main rihaai
Yaad aave
Har paase
Lagda ni man mera likhanch aage
Jindagi hai kaudi Kyuki
Sachi meri baaatein
Jhuta Tera bol
Nainach Vasse Saade vaade
Ye tere
Hai wafa ke
Khud Se hi haare Maahi
Khud Se judaaa
Mere vina Sarda na Maahi Da ye man
Phir Kyu Dol chli Maahi rishte Da ras
Phir Kyu Mod gayi Maahi Mere saare khat
Phir Kyu teri Kurti Te Hanju de nishaan
Jad khush Hai Tu mere bin
Tera ye Bayaan

                                        THE ENDING LINES

Jaan jaan maahi kuch vi na bole
Jaane ohde bin Dastan da ki mol ae
Tanhaayi di aa aadat jo ithe lag gayi
Vichoda nu bhulan laye
Chann ne kalam si oo fad layi