Avicii – Broken Arrows ft Dastan

She be my angel
But how could i promise this
Train her with love
She just wanna
Make it big
Little girl
Never faced the struggles still
Sweating out
And crying is her daily routine
She falls worse and worse
But rises everytime
Like a beast in woods
Who seeks for food
Getting better is her diet
Workout is her drug
I am the dastan
Of this satire

Blessed us everyday
With our scars
Sunday morning
I had to fly for my pride
Failed bad
But whom did i let down
Daughter crying
Lying in the backyard
So i do this real quick
She loves
To jump and fly
So i put up the mattress
Just like a fire
She blazes
But she does fall
No giving up
She is here to burn it all
And i look at her standing still
This little girl
Made her dad to
Stand on his feet again
I learn from her everyday
Just like her grandmaa
She scolds me the same way
Now i train harder
Bruises make me feel like i am younger
Could feel this Blood rushing down my veins
Guess who made it to the headlines bitch


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