Every relationship experiences various tests and obstacles. But its upon both the people to balance the situation and pass every test by holding each other’s hand.. Does every person understa…

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What does any student pursuing engineering has in his mind while having the admission letter in his hand? Or in what world is he in while seeing the college building from just a mile away?
Any Engineering student first fights with more than 7-8 lac people to get admission into one of the prestigious colleges of the nation or his state. After getting into any of these, he is just dreaming of his 4 Years in that particular college. He decides to pour out every single bit of his be it his passion for extra co-curricular activities, sports or technical stuff.

All he has in his mind is to achieve success. Being successful is a dream which every student has (even non-engineering students). But its Engineering. Its something very meaningful and high-state for every person in INDIA. Every family or parent is proud to announce the admission of his child…

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