Marks don’t define Success .. !!

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What is success ? 
The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. 
Are ‘marks’ considered to be one’s aim ? Or a person says my purpose in life is to score good marks.

None of it is true to the definition of success. 
Then why are ‘marks’ over hyped?

Many of us are responsible for it. If we won’t have good marks, we won’t get admission into a good school/college/institution. If we won’t perform in college/school/institution, we won’t get an increment. No company would provide us with a job. Jobs are limited and volunteers are unlimited. Parents push their children to study harder and get good grades. 
Good grades ? 
We study like almost for 14-15 years in school and study about 15 subjects in these years. And despite of the fact that we have studied for like so many years, we won’t be judged on our knowledge rather we’ll be…

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