Mental Stress : A shame to Society

Very precise and bounds one to keep on reading.

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A 33 year old woman commits suicide.

Three 15 year old students commit suicide.

A young entrepreneur hangs himself.

And so on..

Everyday I open the newspaper and there are at least 2 such news. It’s horrible. It’s painful.
My heart aches after reading the cause which made them commit suicide.

India is the Leading country when it comes to statistics of commiting suicide. 17% Indians commit suicide every year worldwide.

Just imagine you are chilling out somewhere with your friends or family and a message pops up “XYZ person is no more.” Your mood is totally changed.
Maybe he was some one very very close to your heart.

But hey??

Hold On !!

Ask Yourself that did you ever try to console that person or have you ever said to him – ” I am there by your side and I’m ready to help you. You won’t ever surrender…

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